Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hoping to Win

Every Monday, I have been practising to play for the Touch Rugby Tournament.  I've been practising a lot at home and I've learnt plenty of skills that gives me energy for the day. 
One of the activities we do is suicides. Suicides gets us fit. We have to run between two lines until we can't run anymore. There are 4 teams participating at the tournament from Glen Innes School. 
What are we hoping for? We are hoping to win and have fun.

Practising for the Touch Tournament

Every Monday, we have been practising for the touch tournament. I have been practicing with my squad and my teachers who are Mrs. Barry and Ata.  
We have  learnt skills such as stepping, so I can dodge my opponents. We have also been learning fake passes because my opponents will think that I’m going to pass that side but when really I’m going to pass the opposite way. 
What I’ll like to achieve from the tournament is to  win all my games and have a good time.